Corrinne Bollendorf


PR professional by day. Writer by night.

You can contact me via the online form or at corrinnebollendorf (at) gmail


3 thoughts on “Corrinne Bollendorf

  1. hey, this site is awesome. you are a great writer. it sounds like things are going good for you. it would be awesome to hear from u.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, things are indeed going well, congrats on your new baby boy by the way! You son has an awesome mom!

    • Hey you, I found your cousin online today through mutual friends, and I got to thinking about you. I just wanted to stop in and say hi, and see how life is treating you. Are you still in San Diego? How is your mom? I really enjoy reading what you have to write, and am proud to show your blog to people and let them know that you and I grew up together and used to be so close. It would be nice to meet up for drinks or something and catch up. I would love for you to meet my little monster of a son, and Mercedes and Emily both have little boys now too! I don’t know Of another way to get a hold of you so I will check back here for a reply. I really do hope to hear back from you.
      Love always,
      Elena ❤

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