The Hum

via Jimmy Nelson

via Jimmy Nelson

Power is cowardice.

People who want power want respect. They want respect because they are afraid of their position in the world. Threatened by others, afraid. Real bravery comes without the need for respect, for notions such as those are merely trivial.

The desire for respect is what ails us. It’s a sickness, a pathogen. It makes men mortal. Its concept has been indoctrinated since the beginning of man as a human right, when it really isn’t. It is a construct, a protection mechanism that shields us from the truth. The truth of our own fragility. We want to pretend we are strong but we are only flesh and blood, burned by the sun and frozen in its shadow.

Those who need respect and admiration can’t envision a future beyond their own lives and beliefs — a future where the world continues to hum despite their exit from it.


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