Anxiety is actually kind of magical if you think about it. Neurons firing a million miles an hour, jumping from one free-floating thought to the next, each creating a distinctly different feel of impending doom and indifference. Self-doubt just becomes another mask you wear while under its spell.

Anxiety is a phenomenon of the unremarkable kind.

It’s an unremarkable word that makes you do remarkable things. It motivates you to get you off your ass, and it debilitate’s you when you’re overwhelmed. It’s vital for happiness and vital for pain so we medicate its undesirable aspects, but in doing so, eliminate its essential function; drive.

Without drive there is only ignorant happiness. Which is a pretty amazing feeling, I’m not going to lie.

Is the feeling of not feeling real? That’s the only way I can describe it. Although not feeling anything starts to get old, you begin to lose meaning in the way that your finger tips and feet tingle when they fall asleep.


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