Death Valley.

I have dreams where

I scream at you until

my voice breaks and I

can no longer breath.

I wake up sweating and red faced.

You won’t leave me alone.

I keep telling you to stay away.

You only stare back at me and smile.

In my dreams you are always across the street.

I scream until I see stars but you only step closer.

I see the shadow of your feet infiltrating

the light underneath my bedroom door.

I slash open the palm of my hand as an offering of peace.

The blood drips and weaves toward the door.

A puddle collects by your boots.

Snakes around the back of your heel.

But you remain.

No amount of blood could satisfy you.


So I lay my gun on the nightstand,

across from the red room key.

This is an old mining town in the middle of hell.

Many people die here.

A paranormal group takes pictures of ghosts and peeling walls.

My gun lay at the side ready.


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