Apartment Living

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a beehive (google images).

I have been away from my apartment for a week now, so I have had some time to reflect on my current habitual status. The up’s and down’s that come with this new community oriented territory are sometimes annoying.

This year is the first time I have lived in an apartment, so far, I quite like it–since I don’t have to deal with  psychopathic roommates from craigslist. However, I can’t shake the feeling of always being around people in such close proximity and literally hearing them cough (more like hack up a lung) through the walls.

Now I really do appreciate the fact that I am able to have my own apartment, and quite frankly, I’m extremely lucky and feel totally undeserving of it–but time to time, I just feel as if I’m a barn animal locked up in a corral with all the other heathens.

Although my apartment complex is pretty awesome, since not a lot of your typical, beer guzziling, Ke$sha fanatic’s live there. So in that sense, it is a miracle in itself.


Yes, I have that neighbor,

You know the one right?

The one where I can hear loud breathing combined with strange yelping’s at 1am…I cringe even thinking about it….must I explain further? I think not.

Anyways, I’m sure anyone who has ever lived in an apartment has had the same kind of neighbor that I currently have now.

I think that apartments are not natural settings. People constantly coming and going, awkardly trying to avoid talking to other people that cross their paths in common spaces. Maybe its just me, but I kinda get freaked out seeing people that I have never seen before taking a dip in the pool; strangers.

We are all strangers living together.

That idea is just a little odd, thats all.


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